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Our Core Services

We specialize in visual storytelling using stills and video. Our goal is to provide the
images and footage for all your corporate communication needs.


We provide photography for corporate events and meetings, marketing, advertising and communications. Our photographers have experience with corporate events photography and some have press credentials. Our clients use our photos for internal and external communications, such as company news, social media and editorials.

Video Production

We provide video interviews and corporate event coverage. From onsite interviews to multi camera event coverage, our shooters have experience with corporate communications and events. We work with editors and filmmakers with corporate and advertising experience.

Creative Services

Our creative services ties into and supports our photography and video services. From the design of signage for events, step and repeats to photo album design, we provide our clients with more than just the photos and videos. Additionally, we can storyboard video shoots, develop scripts, basic animations and after effects in post-production.

We are Creative and our Imagination is Unlimited.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, where as imagination
embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”
— Albert Einsten

Pre and Post Production Services

For example on advertising shoots, we work with marketing managers to develop a creative brief for the shoot, develop a shot list, location scouting, model casting, wardrobe selection, and finally a crew, from assistants to hair stylists and makeup artists.

Additional Services and Capabilities

While most event coverage are pretty standard in terms of deliverables and expectations, there may be times where
additional services are required. Below is a short list of our additional services: