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5 Minute Promo Shoot during Corporate Event

Having a background in advertising and marketing, comes in handy while covering corporate events.

At a technology conference, a client asked me to take a photo of a colleague’s shoe to document them at the event. It could be useful to their marketing team. Such last minute requests are no big deal. Some photographers would just take the photo of the shoe with person standing, and then zoom in close.

I tried that first and wasn’t happy, though. I felt the photo needed to be reshot and positioned as if it were the hero in an advertising shoot. On the fly, my instincts kicked in as an advertising photographer and creative director, inspiring me to change gears.

First, I grabbed a chair and asked if “my subject” would put his foot on top of it. Then I got on the floor, shooting up to get a more dramatic angle and perspective. Finally, I blurred the background in camera.

This took less than 5 minutes and we nailed the shot. No need for retouching too.

Clients who work with SimonProPhoto knows that they are working with someone who thinks fast on their feet and has a get it done fast attitude.

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